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Where are we?

From March 2013, Mercedes-Benz Club has got new headquarters in Barcelona. The new address is 117 Paseo de gracia Street, between Calabria and Rocafort streets. It's on the ground floor and has got vehicle entrance.

The headquarters have approximately 900 square meters, which are distributed as it follows: road access, member service office, toilets, parking lot (29 parking spaces) for MB members (hired service), living room of 70 square meters with air conditioning and heater, Home Cinema TV room (Samsung 60"), billiard table (carom billiards), coffee maker, fridge, water dispenser (self-service) and cafeteria-snack service, where you can have a drink or even have dinner in the usual camaraderie atmosphere.

The member service office is scheduled on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (non holiday) from 19.00 to 21.00h, being the social meeting day every Thursday (non holiday) from 20.00 to 23.00h. The "Club day" is when we organize the different activities and talk about different questions regarding club members.

The members from Centre Zone develop their activity in the facilities in Cercedilla (carport) and they meet for lunch on the first Friday (non holiday) of the month.

In the near future, the board of directors has in mind creating similar headquarters in Madrid to those in Barcelona.


Contact us

Paseo de gracia Street, 117
08008 Barcelona
Tel: 93 218 52 40
Fax: 91 218 98 99

Veterans section
Tel: 97 257 10 50
Fax: 97 257 53 12

Madrid local office
Carretera de Los Molinos, nş1 - 28470 Cercedilla (Madrid)
Tel: 616 759 202


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